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19 junho, 2011

I thought today was the right " day ". I guess my mind was wrong again. You didn't face me just like i didn't face to you. I just feelt sorry that you can't even tell when im not okay. Other people has to tell you because you can't even see how im  feeling all this time. I just thought today was the day that you will realize that you were wrong all this time... I know some parts was not your fault, but i just wanted honesty from your side i didn't ask anything else. Why is so hard to hear the true from you ? why ? when i hear your voice , hurts even more because i know the way you are. Believe me, if it will exist the "next time" i will tell you what you don't want lesson from me. I just thought today was not the right day, because i just want you to tell me without asking you. But looks impossible. But i will make impossible to the possible. Why i keep believing ? I will not be happy person or i will not move on without telling certain things to you. I know that. I will tell  you (...) but just the right time and the right day.

Anyways.... Happy fathers day. I didn't have courage to tell you (...)

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