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25 junho, 2011

Since that door opened , i always knew the new things will come up to me even i didn't want them. I remember the first day i opened the door and the way i closed. I knew the days it will be seemed very long . I remember i didn't no one to look at me or speak to me. At that time, i always wanted to come back but i knew i couldn't.I knew someone needed me . It was that kind things in our lives that i knew that i had to move on and to learn how to be strong.And put all the memories back. So, I guess here im. I can't account the many changes i had to face it since i opened that door. I don't want to say every detail. Acctually, no one didn't care how many changes that i was going through. The worse  part for me i was forced to grow up faster than other people. I can't account how many days i waste in my lovely bed . I can't account how many days not having fun. I can't account how many times i thought that i wanted to come back. I had to follow someone "wish" to be here. It wasn't my wish. Anyways, i've to thank how im today. I don't want to tell every detail or being specific because no one knows what i went through. Being forced at samething, means you've tp get used to it even you don't want it.  I made someone wish , and that person left me. I just wish tomorow i could see the people i really love on my side. But i will imagine their huggs. They know i wil...

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Aretha Smith Austen disse...

"acctually, no one didn't care"

"no one know what I've been through"