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13 outubro, 2009

My watch alert like every single day like 5:55 am , before alerts my mind wake up two minutes before my watch alert .I think im getting crazy but its staring to be bad habit for me . I do have to take responability for myself , i tried hard to get my knowledge get better but i can't see any results . I'am almost giving up . I see myslef like junk or garbage . My life is always like start all over all the time is like this, i cant accept this .My hope is going done i mean i dont have hope for long time , hope doesnt exist in my life , never existed .because no matter how much i tried i will never get it what i really want .This is not my goal . I wanna be something that someone can be proud of me or what im doing it, im trying but is not getting it . Im so fucking tired to wake up early for nothing , after school i have to work everyday and then try hard my skills getting better but is not what im seeing .Everyday is same thing school and work . I can't think by myself . I just wanna cry . I just wanna hugh someone . I can't even think . I can't even huggin out .I dont wanna suffer anymore. I just wanna someone that can help me of this , someone . I wanna be out of this house . I just need to take break . I just need to breath .I wanna talk witho who i can trust thats what i need . I wanna....

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ashley. disse...

b, acreditas que parece que senti cada palavra tua?
como se me tivesses olhado nos olhos e me dissesses isto? :'x

eu amo-te. ele estará aí contigo daqui a pouco tempo (L)

ashley. disse...

sei que não é dele, é dessa vida que levas, aliás que te fazem levar!

não tenho tido tempo mesmo :(
sempre a estudar senão minha mãe dá-me nos cornos :@ , tipo nunca estudei assim na minha vida!

enfim, amo-te.

ashley. disse...

"tambem nao estou aqui para falar de mim"
ficou-te mal isso sabes que és a pessoa que mais importa!
mas enfim, ly @

ashley. disse...

sim, eu sei mas eu preciso que fales!
estão bem, penso eu (:

ashley. disse...

<3 *